Related Articles. Travis Rice Announces ‘Natural Selection’ Snowboard Tour to Crown World’s Best, ‘Freeze’: Take a Break and Watch This Short, Sweet Ski Film. Hagan Ski Mountaineering - the finest backcountry skis, alpine ski touring boots, bindings, mohair climbing skins, junior ski touring skis & bindings since 1924 SKI highly recommends only skiing in boots and bindings with the same ISO compatibility and have been properly installed and adjusted by a professional ski technician. The Duke PT is compatible with all alpine, touring, and GripWalk boots as long as you’ve got tech pin inserts for the way up. The Superlite is designed for eager ski tourers and the race crowd. Test the different climbing levels and know how these risers under your heel work. Less aggressive skiers need to worry less about ejecting from their bindings in an untimely manner. © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. And while the binding’s vertical release is fixed, users can swap out springs to adjust between a 6 and 9 DIN. When it’s time for the descent, the ZED 12’s wide center of support of the turret and metal wraparound base transfer power and precision to your skis. This, combined with broad heel support, creates unquestionable control on any descent and on any type of terrain. While some bindings let you make small length adjustments, say 6-10 mm, others only allow for more minor adjustments to accommodate boot fit to the original mount. Best Avalanche Safety Products 2020 – 2021. Even more, knowing the right type of binding for your intended activity, specific type of ski, and your skier profile all play critical factors and can further complicate the process. Salomon makes this unique binding from carbon-infused polyamide to keep weight down, while still offering a strong, responsive binding. For 2021, the SHIFT 13 and SHIFT 10 will be available from all three sister brands: Atomic, Armada, and Salomon. DIN goes from 4 to 13. G3 Ion 10. The bindings work by holding the boot in two distinct ways: from the toe only, with the heel piece out of the way for uphill touring, or locked in, with both the toe and the heel secure for downhill skiing. ENGLISH. And, it costs less than your boots, which is always nice. This is the part of the binding that will raise and lower with your feet while you are touring uphill. Marker also added “active length compensation” to the heel piece, which moves slightly as the ski flexes to improve the release consistency and avoid prerelease while skiing aggressively on-piste. They free up your heels so you can hike up on your skis, and then lock you in for your descent. So, you will need tech pin inserts in the toes of your boots to tour uphill — not to mention skins. The blue Salomon S/Lab SHIFT MNC 13 was the biggest binding release of 2019. Backcountry ski bindings, Ski touring bindings, freeride ski bindings, ski mountaineering bindings and NTN telemark ski bindings. Yes, lighter bindings make uphill travel easier, and you do want less weight on your feet. As the connection between boot and ski, they play a fundamental role in power transfer, responsiveness, and safety. Weighing in at less than 13 ounces, the binding uses 7000 hot-forged aluminum to maximize the strength-to-weight ratio. Meanwhile, you can adjust vertical and lateral release with the turn of a screw. Shop the best selection of alpine touring bindings at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection. The rear features another female insert that two pins fit into to hold the heel down during ski mode (downhill). The Tecton is Fritschi’s answer to the demands of a growing market: a tech binding with an alpine-style heel clamp. The freedom of skiing without lifts — and hopefully without crowds — has been luring more and more people into the backcountry (uphill touring or alpine touring among Europeans) for years now. Note: Using the links on these pages to make purchases will provide SKI with a small commission. Add 37 grams for 26 screws per pair and you end up with a total weight of about 2 lbs for the set up. The Alpinist is a new touring binding for alpine climbs and descents, made to be the ultimate ultralight option for serious backcountry tourers. Pro skiers Drew Petersen and Mali Noyes teamed up with Salomon TV and Switchback Entertainment for a ten-part series to help introduce newcomers to the backcountry… Whether you’re looking for your first backcountry setup or just updating those well-loved planks, we’ve got unbiased and in-depth reviews of 51 skis and 29 splitboards that will take you where you want to go, wherever that may be. This keeps the toe of your boots attached to your skis and allows your heel to raise freely with the rhythm of your climbing. SKI highly recommends only skiing in boots and bindings with the same ISO compatibility and have been properly installed and adjusted by a professional ski technician. If you do alternate boot sizes, consider a binding like the Marker Alpinist that gives you 15 mm of adjustability, so you can use boots with different sole lengths. Backcountry Ski Bindings Welcome to the most complete selection of tech bindings in the world! Our team's experience with backcountry skiing adds up to well over 100 years of combined, human-powered, deep-and-broad experience with backcountry skiing. It also makes a great option for resort skiers who may want to venture out of bounds. Read more…. Just like taking your car to a mechanic to get the steering properly fixed, you should take your bindings to a certified ski technician if you think something is wrong with your ski bindings. The main purpose of backcountry bindings (also called alpine touring or AT bindings) is to help you explore beyond ski resorts. G3 Ion 10 The G3 Ion 10 is a well-rounded binding made for the backcountry. Honestly, it’s safe to say that any backcountry touring binding is going to be durable. Free-Tour bindings usually come with ski brakes and have higher DIN ranges, or are available with a choice of DIN ranges (eg the Marker Kingpin 10 - Kingpin 13, Dynafit Rotation 10 - 12, ATK Raider 12 - Raider 14). When skiing in downhill mode, this AT binding has a 10mm length compensation, which the brand says creates a more “reliable and quantifiable release.” This helps eliminate some of the prerelease and popout problems occasionally encountered by people using tech pin bindings in-bounds. The Marker Alpinist Ski Binding Brakes are add-on brakes for the brake-less Marker Alpinist 9 or 12, or if you're converting to a different brake width on the Alpinist 12 Long Travel bindings… Backcountry bindings are different from resort or downhill bindings in that they employ a releasable heel but, in most cases, not a releasable toe. 1 bid. ENGLISH. FRENCH. Condition is (barely) "Used". No. It works great for alpine skiers investing in their first pair of touring bindings. New generation bindings with inserts : Even though it’s not the lightest alpine touring binding on the market, the SHIFT 13 is one of the more sturdy touring bindings available. And thanks to wear-and-tear reducing innovations like the bayonet lock, one pair is sure to last a long time, too. Skiers can employ the Race setup (no stoppers), or the Touring setup (with stoppers). Many skiers use Fritschi bindings for their safe release, which includes lateral release in front, frontal release in the back, and active length compensation. However, it does have a fixed toe release, which can be perceived as less safe during a crash. In other words, this is Dynafit’s way to prevent unwanted prerelease on mixed or sketchy terrain. The little brother in the new and improved ZED family, the ZED 9 ($449) uses the same design as the ZED 12, inspired by the G3 Ion binding. Check out Armada’s version. When using frame bindings to climb, the heel of the binding will lift … The 30 mm of length adjustment on the heel lets you fine-tune for any sole length. Aggressive skiers who want a reliable and powerful binding for the resort and the backcountry will love it. How heavy and aggressive of a skier you are makes all the difference. A pillar of ingenuity, Dynafit designed (and patented) its pivoting toepiece to even out impacts while not affecting performance on descents. These bindings generally fit both AT boots and alpine boots and provide a safe touring platform for backcountry skiing. Ski Brakes / Leashes. You can also adjust the heel turret in either direction to support your position when moving uphill. Available to buy here: Amazon | | evo | Backcountry | REI, Salomon S/Lab SHIFT MNC 13: Gear of the Year for 2019. Want an all-black SHIFT? Made with durable aluminum components, a rotating heel, and weight trimmed in a number of places, the refined TLT Speed is in the upper echelon of tech bindings. Shop for Backcountry ski bindings at MEC. Van-based travel has been accelerating the past few years — and the pandemic lit full afterburners on the well-established van life movement. Additionally, and this won’t matter to anyone but serious tech pin geeks, the toe pin wings or jaws on the Xenic snap out completely horizontally, not out and down as the others in the class. The heel’s relatively wide footprint also increases stability and energy transfer in ski mode. Lower your personal fiddle factor, crush mileage and conserve energy on scaled skis. S/Lab Shift MNC 13 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings. The bindings are further enhanced with just 24 mm of height off the base, making for quicker turning. Shop online with free delivery, exchanges and returns. The new Marker Duke PT 16 is a touring binding optimized for the best downhill experience possible. This sturdy model is lightweight, has a wide design, and is incredibly user-friendly. If you’re mostly backcountry skiing, choose tech bindings. Alpine touring (AT) bindings allow you to change your settings so you can stomp down and lock into the heel and ski down. Modern ski touring bindings are designed to be light and allow a more natural walking stride, saving energy for the down. Get a year of Backcountry for just $32.95, including the 2021 Gear Guide with in-depth reviews of all 34 Editors’ Choice winners, plus more than 120 must-have skis, splitboards, boots, bindings … When you get your new binding mounted, practice using them repeatedly at home or at a resort before you head to the backcountry. Once mounted, 15 mm of fore and aft adjustment allows you to use boots with different sole lengths. Nor will you be doing multiday rolling tours in a heavy frame-style binding with a 16 DIN. Consider how much you’ll be traveling and what type of conditions you’ll encounter to get to the backcountry. The farther and more extreme your terrain, the more important other factors — including weight and features — come into play. Don’t get too caught up on the weight of your alpine touring bindings when looking at similar models side by side. $75.00. TRIBE . They’ll have a heel riser to help avoid Achilles tendon strain on the uphills. When clicking out of most backcountry ski bindings, you will release from the toe instead of the heel, but that’s not universally true. The Xenic 10 also has a unique “lock” position when in “ski” mode, so there is no need to “block” the binding into tour mode to prevent pre-release. The Xenic 10 has a bombproof toepiece with a unique fixed-stop and step-in pedal. The binding also uses a multifunctional “Lock & Walk” unit that locks up the brakes and gives a 10-degree climbing aid (but no other adjustable heel risers). This binding feels at home in a ski-mountaineering race (pictured) as well as a long backcountry day in a variety of conditions. We’ve separated the best bindings of 2020-2021 into two categories: traditional downhill (alpine) bindings and backcountry ski bindings. We’ve separated the best bindings of 2021 into two categories: traditional downhill (alpine) bindings and backcountry ski bindings. Now, it is practically commonplace, and almost every ski area in North America has instituted some sort of uphill policy. The G3 ZED is a lightweight, high-performance version of the Ion. Buy the G3 ION 12: REI | Backcountry | evo | Amazon. If you are doing ski mountaineering races or uphill/downhill races at your local ski area, then you will want to look at a Dynafit or other backcountry ski binding with a focus on lightweight or racing. is a closeout broker and distributor liquidator. And while it can be easy to get frustrated stepping into some tech pin bindings, the Rotation 12 step-in side towers make entry into the toepiece easier. But for the beginner, you really just need something safe that you can afford to get you started.

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