Automatic changeover between heating and cooling, as well as humidification and dehumidification, helps control energy costs. And it detects when a family member is on … The Lennox iComfort M30 Smart Thermostat is a wifi-enabled, 7-day programmable thermostat that is compatible with single and multi-stage furnaces or air conditioners. Where can I download the iComfort Wi-Fi mobile app? .and more! It is one of the more expensive thermostats out there. Videos. One-touch Away Mode on the iComfort ® M30 overrides your regular programming schedule with a single touch and sets back your heating and cooling set points to save energy.. Smart energy use that keeps you comfortable This product is no … There are no new entries! ATTENTION - The Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi® Thermostat with Equipment Interface Module (EIM) will work with most 24VAC furnaces, air conditioners, air handlers and heat pumps (up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cooling), EXCEPT it will NOT work with any brand of communicating HVAC equipment other than LENNOX®. Model No. *, Detailed diagnostics report to tell you exactly what's going on.*. All rights reserved. Because the iComfort® S30 and iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostats adapt to your life. iComfort Wi-Fi® makes it easy to adjust the home's temperature and control energy costs from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A simple easy-to-use touchscreen allows complete system configuration. The iComfort ® S30’s and iComfort ® E30’s Smart Away mode works with an app on your family’s smart phones, to detect when the house is empty and automatically changes the temperature to a more energy-efficient setting. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. How do I add another iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat to my account? Quality you and your customers can trust with reliable, time-tested components. Leaving Home - The thermostat will reduce system output and energy use with just a touch. Cat # : 10F81 For example, an outside temperature of 85 degrees, plus a humidity level of 75% means the temperature outside “feels like” 95 degrees.iComfort® S30’s and iComfort® E30’s Feels Like function works the same way. Learn about Smart Away The ultimate controller for precise comfort, The most versatile thermostat for your comfort needs, The simple, stylish and smart thermostat that you can trust. Diversitech UC3539-3L UltraLite Wedge Pads. Whenever there’s a change in your routine, the thermostat adapts … Control your ventilation systems through your iComfort thermostat, eliminating the need for an additional control Control your thermostat remotely using your smartphone and the iComfort app Lennox® smart thermostats come appointed with: iComfort® Smart Thermostats 1-800-9-LENNOX For a complete list of the registered and common law trademarks No store found for that zipcode and search radius, iComfort Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, 7 in. *, Automatic self testing to guarantee perfect installation every time. Allows you to save energy, without sacrificing comfort Apple HomeKitTM technology provides an easy, secure way to control your home's lights, doors, thermostats, and more from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. The iComfort® S30’s and iComfort® E30’s Smart Away mode works with an app on your family’s smart phones, to detect when the house is empty and automatically changes the temperature to a more energy-efficient setting.And it detects when a family member is on the way home to return the temperature to its regular setting. Table 2. This product is no longer available. . Previous page. One-Touch Away Mode overrides the regular programming schedule when homeowners are away and automatically turns down heating or cooling to save energy. One Touch Away Mode; Weather on Demand Programming fan option with the choice of continuous or intermittent air. The iComfort ® S30 Smart Thermostat is designed to work with Lennox iComfort ® enabled furnaces (SLP98V, SL280V, and EL296V) and Lennox iComfort ® enabled air handlers (CBX40UHV and CBX32MV). iComfort Touch, Communicating Programmable Thermostat, 7 Day, Multi-Stage, Touchscreen. Temporary and vacation hold settings allow your customers to set a constant energy savings temperature at the touch of a button. Scheduled maintenance alerts, system warnings and troubleshooting are also displayed on the thermostat screen The iComfort® S30 and iComfort® E30 thermostats are now compatible with Apple HomeKit, allowing you to control your thermostat using the Apple Home App or the Lennox iComfort® Home Companion App. • Put the system into an energy savings away mode when no one is home • Select your fan to always run (ON) or come on occasionally (circulate) You must own a Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat to use the app. Automatic system set up reduces installation and its set-up time. The iComfort ® E30 Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat is a universal thermostat that works with non-iComfort-enabled and non-Lennox products, giving you easier access to the comfort, convenience and energy savings you deserve. Using the mobile app you can control your thermostat remotely from anywhere in the world (as long as it is connected to the Internet) and you can also take advantage of additional smart features such as Smart Away … How much does the iComfort Wi-Fi mobile app cost? Healthy Climate HCF16-11 Replacement Box Filter, MERV 11, 16" x 25" x 5", Healthy Climate HCF20-11 Replacement Box Filter, MERV 11, 20" x 25" x 5", 103861-02, Equipment Interface Module, Non-Communicating, Lennox LENLN2S, Remote Outdoor Temperature Sensor for Comfortsense 7500, Healthy Climate, Bypass Humidifier, 24V, 17 Gallon, HCWB3-17, Healthy Climate HCF16-16 Carbon Clean Replacement Box Filter, MERV 16, 16" x 25" x 5", Healthy Climate HCF20-16 Carbon Clean Replacement Box Filter, MERV 16, 20" x 25" x 5", Lennox 88K3801, Discharge Air Temperature Sensor, Lennox iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, 7" HD Display, Klein 11055 Wire Stripper and Cutter Double Dipped, CX35-60C-6F-1 Upflow Quantum Indoor Coil, 5 Ton, 21 in. The iComfort ® Mobile App is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. |Model/Part # : iComfort Wi-Fi, Within 60.0 miles of: The key …   Access to training IFTTT, an acronym for If This Then That, is a free service that automates connectivity between apps and services, enabling users to utilize "recipes" that will coordinate small tasks between Internet and web services. iComfort ® M30 Smart Thermostat. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . One-Touch Away Mode - A simple easy way to save energy when no one's home Automatic Software Updates - Pushes upgrades and improvements to iComfort Wi-Fi thermostats › See more product details. The Lennox iComfort s30 is an Ultra Smart Thermostat innovated for people who want precision and control over all features of the model. Away Mode sets the thermostat for energy-saving system operation while you are gone for an extended period of time. Info Blue Indicates various system modes, for example away mode. ONE-TOUCH AWAY MODE One-touch Away Mode on the iComfort S30, E30 and M30 overrides your regular programming schedule with a single touch and sets back your heating and cooling set points to save energy. Perfect comfort, perfectly presented It also detects when you’re on your way home, and returns the temperature to its regular setting. Sign in with the same credentials. | Terms & Conditions | SunSource Monitoring Login. iComfort Wi-Fi® Thermostat / Page 4 CONTROL ORDERING INFORMATION … So even if your schedule isn’t consistent, your energy savings are. Precise Comfort Plus holds a temperature to within 0.5 degrees or less, when paired with a Lennox modulating furnace. It can control temperature levels and humidity levels with extreme precision, simply set the Feels Like temperature you want, and it does the rest. Month/Year Introduced. The iComfort S30, E30 and M30 are IFTTT compatible. Maintain constant communication with Lennox premim equipment for a higher level of comfort control and system performance. Lennox ® thermostats and zoning systems raise the bar in smart control. The Alexa voice service running on the Echo/Dot puts you in command of your home though voice controls that can be used with individual thermostats or groups. The most versatile thermostat for your comfort needs. . Cased, TXV. When the Wi-Fi connection is re-established, the triangle goes away. Register in 3 easy steps, today! Image Sample. Have a account? 103445- Copyright © 2018 Lennox. NOTE: Selecting the ALL option displays all of the above. . Built-in compatibility for added convenience. It can be used with Alexa compliant smart home devices. Return Home - Touch the thermostat again when you get home, and it will restore normal heating and cooling schedules. The device can be paired with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, iPads, iPhone and most mobile devices, giving the user control even miles away! To activate "Away Mode", just select the "Away button" on the dashboard as seen below. Welcome home. Online access to your iComfort® system. And with just one touch, you can put the thermostat into an energy-saving Away Mode. iComfort Wi-Fi. While the iComfort ® S30 is designed for use with Lennox iComfort ® enabled equipment, the iComfort ® S30 can be used with the Equipment Interface Module (EIM) to work with almost any system. Find a Lennox Dealer in your area who can take care of your home comfort needs, or view a list of all Lennox Dealers. Multiple Apps on multiple devices can control one system. Away settings are set at the thermostat and are used to reduce the runtime of your system while you are away from home. Wi-Fi capability allows adjusting the temperature from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to save from the costs of sudden changes in plans or weather. (Select default store), Touchscreen Thermostat with Touchscreen Operation, Remote Access, One-Touch Away Mode. Cat # : 49W95 | Model/Part # : iComfort Touch. There are no available branches for this radius and zipcode. The iComfort ® S30's Smart Away Mode uses the GPS in your smartphone to detect when you're leaving, and automatically increases system efficiency. iHarmony® zoning system compatible to eliminate hot and cold spots in the house.   Exclusive HVAC eTools

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