Maybe but I still thank Ran will find out that Shinichi is Conan in the penultimate or final arc or maybe in the final arc or maybe when Shinichi reveals himself as Conan to Ran in the final arc ,i think, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OneTruthPrevails community. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPOILER-FREE DISCUSSION PAGE, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! It's unknown who this was ordered by. But before Conan takes the cure we cut to a time skip many years later where Shinichi who is cured and Ran are now adults and are married they even raise a son who looks like Shinichi but is named Conan after his alter ego when he was young since he looked just like him,It is shown that Shinichi has become a private detective of the Japan police but is still friends with his Detective boys who are now teenagers and senior high school students including Ai who is now the age of a teenager and help him in his case after school. Rating/Warnings: G. Characters: Rachel and Serena. I know what the ending will be too. Vermouth's reference is most likely a metaphor that is indicating that the BO is trying to achieve something outrageous, equivalent to electric reanimation(raise the dead), and that belongs in the realm of God, similar to the Miyanos'. 1:27. I thought it might end after the first volume. During the last pages , Shinichi is about to take on another case ,His son Conan however follows him as he is about to help his father solve his case when he was the original conan and he gathers his friends the new Detective Boys to help him just like his father did with the original Detective Boys. he seems like he’d be a great addition to the giant firepower that conan/kudo is building up, and it’d wrap things up altogether on his part as well. When he is about to drink the last cure he trips and broke the container wasting it lololol, Seriously, I want Shinichi to be a consultant for the FBI or the Japanese Police force, helping them solve crimes. His "biography" is as easy to find as Winston Churchill's (and there seems to be some fact/fiction confusion on both counts). Didn't Ran actually realize that Conan is Shinichi? There you'll be to follow the updates and any announcements I have to make to the site! basically all the pointers you gave. Raising the dead would've have sounded like reasonable assumption, since it could lead to both good and bad aftermaths. report. I don't think he will even consider telling the Detective Boys about the existence of BO. S / New - … and the reason I think Ai will not accept the cure because she did something bad when she was a member of the Black Organisation and that her sister is killed by them so maybe regressing as a child (unexpectedly) will give her a second chance and she accepted it though she might try to replicate the cure in case if she wants to be her rightful age again. WARNING: Spoilers for the True Detective season 3 finale. honestly, on a slightly unrelated topic, im hoping that kaitou kid kinda shows up for the final showdown. Detective conan (or in foreign ... My guess on how Detective Conan will end [THEORY] Close. A person talks about "Some event some years ago blah blah..." And most of the time, Conan is there to listen, or he finds out by some other way (e.g. 15. In de Verenigde Staten wordt de manga/anime Case Closed genoemd.. Also I really hope it doesn't end at Tropical Land, they were just extorting the owner for money and don't have any actual ties to it. Title: Alternative Theory Author: Jordanna Morgan Archive Rights: Please request the author's consent. Title: Alternative Theory Author: Jordanna Morgan Archive Rights: Please request the author's consent. Either way, it was definitely given to us as a foreshadowing to something down the road. Setting: General. The last thing they'd want would be a 'cure' to revert them to their natural age. Your theory involves Aoyama having been planning Detective Conan to the point of knowing the boss's identity four years before the series began, but nothing suggests that. - The Organization's aim was to use the Miyano's, Sherry's parents', research(Silver Bullet Project) as foundation for their own. over a year ago linhdang_2000 said… thank you very much, but in the conan's article, there is an article about conan's ending. Contains tracks. Rating/Warnings: G. Characters: Rachel and Serena. He got pulled into the group by others. Detective Conan Ending 16 (Special) Detective Conan Ending 17. Theory of Detective Conan states that: 1. A possible purpose for the drug, that falls close to this scenario, is a cure. It further implies that their drug can be used for good and bad, hence making them God and Devil. What we know about the Silver Bullet project and Haibara's parents is: - Atsushi Miyano was considered a "Mad Scientist" because of his abnormal style of thinking and theories(File 384). This is the list of things i don't think will happen (obviously from your list). It would be very suspicious for a child that age not going to school even though her guardian could afford it. Download the 34th ending of Detective Conan in the best quality possible! In 1996 werd het verhaal verwerkt tot een anime-reeks die nog steeds loopt.Er zijn ook verscheidene OVA's (12) en films (20) verschenen. With Minami Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Hoang Khuyet, Akira Kamiya. 1:32. The poll itself isn’t too much of a novelty… except for the fact that there are over 115 different themes to choose from. To keep the wonderfully ironic in-joke that Kaitou KID represents (which is that, for once, DC readers know more about the criminal Conan's chasing than Conan), Conan probably won't figure out that Toichi was Kaitou Kid - but it'd be a good way to tie the plots of Magic Kaito and Detective Conan together. She basically will Hint to Shinichi that she knew the whole time or most of the time, but he never came out and told her. The most compelling and sensible theory proposed so far for the new True Detective season may also … Trending. Contains tracks. Conan goes somewhere (almost anywhere) 2. heyy guys and thanks for watching!! During an investigation, two thugs in black force feed Kudo an experimental poison that unexpectedly turns him into a little boy instead of killing him. This year is Detective Conan's 25th year of serialisation. He was requested to make a software with an unknown purpose(File 380). If Gosho decided to end the series in about few years ,I am going to guess how the final arc plays out, Conan will finally find out about the Black Organization,his identity will be exposed to Ran which will be considered shocking and he will confront the Black Organization’s Leader who will unmask himself revealing to be one of Detective Conan’s characters as hinted by Gosho in his interview,The final standoff will be set in the amusement park where the series began. Obviously, that is not the case either according to Haibara. Adding to the fact that Vermouth didn't show signs of denying it when Yukiko presumed it was her(File 823), it makes it more likely that it indeed was Vermouth on the phone. I think that will be a perfect ending! My guess on how Detective Conan will end. Whatever their relationship may be, this could be the main reason why it's such a big deal to keep it hidden. Detective Conan; Meitantei Conan, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric I don't think he will even consider telling the Detective Boys about the existence of BO. Detective Conan Ending 14. Detective Conan Ending 11-zpB9lAzEImo. 1 Sinopsis 2 Vídeo 3 Letra 4 Curiosidades 5 Imágenes *Este ending no muestra el resumen del capitulo que… Good point ,I thought maybe in the final chapter Shinichi will probably become a detective and member of the Japan police in the end ,I think. There you'll be to follow the updates and any announcements I have to make to the site! but detective conan, as equal as naruto and bleach, hasnt ended yet. Yeah,I am sure something exciting will happen in the final arc and as for unpredictability I think this might happen to the leader of the black organization who will either die or getting a taste of his own medicine when accidentally ate the poison Shinichi and Ai ate and regress him to a weak child or a spoiled baby in the end. Kogoro Mori, private investigator extraordinaire, is behind bars! The Silver Bullet project's purpose is most likely to achieve longevity/halted-aging. I don't like your idea of him 'finding a cure.' I'm just playing with them. And IF one gonna do a 'fast forward into the future' ending, then the future scene should have Shin'ichi returning, as a grown up Conan. "Recently, in terms of acceptance of Shogakukan magazine interview, he said, intends scheduled within the year ending Detective Conan." On the other hand, Itakura's software really didn't show any significant connection to the boss, but rather to someone who is likely Vermouth. Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン, lit.Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, is a Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama.The series is serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday since February 2, 1994. The poll itself isn’t too much of a novelty… except for the fact that there are over 115 different themes to choose from. So, me and labba94( have been discussing the big mysteries of DC. 1:25. Like it's already been 24 years and it still hasn't progressed much in main story. True Detective season 1 is a revered piece of television.Coming out in the midst of TV’s Golden Age, it managed to stand apart from the crowd thanks to its A-list cast members, visual flair, and Reddit-baiting mystery.Not since Lost had a series sent people scurrying to the internet in search of answers and theories after each episode. And the final page shows Shinichi’s son Conan and the new Detective Boys helping his father solve his latest case.While the background of the original Conan invisible in the skies waves goodbye to the readers. Detective Conan Ending 18 (Special) Item Condition. Case Closed/Detective Conan's main characters are set out to have a party at Inspector Shiratori's home. If Gosho is indeed implying that the software is connected to why Vermouth is hiding it from the BO, and since we know that Vermouth found out about the shrinking effect long after she already ordered Itakura, it means that the thing she is trying to cover up is something that the shrinking effect might reveal about something in the past. The BO wanted to use the Miyanos for their own research, which was indirectly stated by Haibara in her thoughts(File 948). i don't mind English or Chinese subs! [+1235 / -13] This leads me to believe that the Itakura software is NOT meant to fulfill the BO's true goal, if vermouth was the one that ordered Itakura. 1 List of episodes 2 Theme songs 2.1 Openings 2.2 Endings 3 See also 4 References The following is a list of episodes for Season 12. It sounds like the goal of the drug Ai and her parents were making was to return to a child's body to attain never ending youth. Posted by 3 years ago. im still hellbent as fuck on the fact that the BO’s true motive is still immortality, even tho gosho said “haha, no. - Vermouth's secret relationship with the Boss is important to hide because she is hiding her halted aging(double identity) from the whole Black Organization, including the Boss. The well-liked but bumbling P.I. make detective conan happy ending!if not,i weel cry 1000days,huaaaaa!semoga shinichi nikah ama ran!aaaamiiiin bangeeeet! i actually haven’t read the manga since 2016, so im not sure if they’ve completely disproved your theory or not yet. You should definitely hop back into the plot. Since we know that the Black Organization wanted to create a different drug from what Sherry's parents wanted to make(which we can assume is longevity/halt aging), it confirms Gosho's statement. Yeah ,I think the major death will happen in the penultimate arc along with Conan's identity exposed to Ran who is shocked by this revelation.And I think the where are they now part to every characters of the series who are promoted will happen in the final chapter after the penultimate chapter when Conan begins to take the cure or maybe in the extra pages of the final volume tankobon and I think the loose ends will be resolved in the final storyarc if that happens, And thank for your appreciating my theory. Joe Biden. Haibara clearly expressed her regret of starting something that was never supposed to be done(File 821)(below). Example for that is a cure for his possible shrinking. 43 comments. sorry for commenting only 3 years after you published this blog. This implies that she had no interest in the idea of things like longevity, that goes beyond limits set by the stream of time, and that it might have been her parents who wrote her name in the book instead, wishing their daughter a longer life, which indicates that they are interested in the concept of longevity(immortality). Detective Conan - The Scarlet Bullet (Meitantei Konan - Hiiro No Dangan), the latest film in the Detective Conan series, has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.