When Amala is made from Yam that has been dried and blended into flour, it is often referred to as Amala Isu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I had very fond memories of it so I decided to start making it. This usually comes out dark brown in colour. I have seen the more traditional way of preparing the ewedu by people picking the leaves and pounding it with a broom and I also have the cheat way of doing it by buying the already frozen leaves and blending it. I just don’t understand . Continue reading to know the recipe. Add to cart. Health benefits in eating ewedu include: protection from heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer due to the high percentage of micro nutrients and Vitamin A, C, E it packs. Jesse Otegbayo said regular intake of local meal amala, gbegiri and ewedu soup helped him fight coronavirus infection. Ewedu is mucilaginous; it forms a sticky or gluey consistency usually described as ‘drawy’ in Nigeria. A combination of Ewedu leaves and Amala gives a unique taste to this dish. Amala is easy and quick to prepare but one has to be careful in the preparation to avoid lumps. Bush, Ibadan . The One made from cassava is often called White Amala because it is white (or off white). The first time i ever tried this meal was back in Queens College. World Cuisine. My craving amala and ewedu started back in August but in the middle of all my moving i just couldn’t bring myself to make it. Once your Amala is prepared and ready, you can now serve it. It is made out of yam and/or cassava flour, or unripe plantain flour. Add a bit of chilli pepper, a pinch of salt, Maggi cube, and then mash the beans together into a paste … But I believe in the word of God. Bush is another popular Amala Restaurant located in Ibadan. Ewedu with amala is a kind of food in the Yoruba tribe, and today, we would be explaining with procedures the ingredients to prepare the delicacy. Seriously, why would you eat amala with chopsticks? Amala and ewedu. So many things kept coming up but yesterday I put my foot down and decided finally that i needed to reward myself with this amazing meal. I'm from the north but I totally love it. This combination forms a mouthwatering delicay. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Feel free to indulge in more if you feel confident in the taste. Amala and ewedu with stew. Explore. Rinse the plucked leaves in clean water. She presented a plate of amala and deliciously made ewedu soup in its usual form, the way the yoruba people like it best – Ewedu soup/stew and amala. It’s all natural. 2 Tablespoons Crayfish Powder. Let’s begin…. A handful of frozen jute leaves (1/4 pack) – ewedu leaves (I would guess a very small bunch), 1 teaspoon of Iru (fermented locust beans). My craving amala and ewedu started back in August but in the middle of all my moving i just couldn’t bring myself to make it. It is important to note that the vitamins in Ewedu can be easily destroyed by heat and like other leafy vegetables; it should not be cooked for long to get maximum nutrients out of it. We serve it with any meal based on your request. Àmàlà is a local indigenous Nigerian food, native to the Yoruba ethnic group in the western states of the country. It is often prepared with locust beans and crayfish and served with Amala and tomato stew; sometimes with Gbegiri (beans soup). It makes getting the soup impossible. These are all great meals for the family. Once the water starts to boil, add the ewedu leaves and leave to cook for about 7 minutes. This is mostly the western side of Nigeria. Description Additional information Pick up your order and receive a $4.00 discount off each item. Ingredients Needed. Try our gbegiri. “The commonest news was of people who had the virus and died. Related products. This soup is usually garnished with caw skin (canda) and meat, red or dry meat, with pepper source. Ewedu is made from the leaves of a jute plant. Gbegiri ₦ 100. Anyway I have rambled for a good portion of this post so I am just going to go straight and say how I make my Ewedu. Amala is a Nigerian food processed from yam or cassava. 1Properly pick the ewedu leaves and wash thoroughly to remove any trace of sand or dirt 2Boil the ewedu leafs for about 16 minutes 3Add potash to help soften it (this is optional) add the pinch of salt and seasoning cubes. Quick View. . Moreover, Amala food is gotten from yam, however, yams are peeled, slice, wash, dried, and grind into a powdered form which is yam flour locally called Elubo in native Yoruba language and is used to prepare amala recipe. Amala can be eaten with a variety of soups, two of the most popular among the Yoruba’s are ‘Gbegiri’ and 'Ewedu' soup. The fact that there are three of this Canteen in Ibadan and the touch of luxurious interior decorations makes it a top Amala Spot in Nigeria. Pingback: Jute Leaves or Lalo and its benefits - Caribbean Green Living, The liquid you get when you blend ofio in water and squeeze. Amala is a unique food on its own and cannot be compared to any other meal. Learn how your comment data is processed. Served assorted meat from a well-seasoned Signature Amala Stew. Amala (Yam flour stiff porridge) with Ewedu (Jute mallow soup) and fish is a great Nigerian meal for your infant. Remember 1 tablespoon of the ewedu would be enough for one person that is just trying out this dish for the first time. Your Choice of Clear: Gbegiri and Ewedu quantity. When dried, the colour of yam changes from is white in colour to turn brown when dried. Amala, Gbegiri & Ewedu with Goatmeat and a choice of pomo/beef/saki Add to wishlist. I also have a recipe for Buka Stew to go with the Ewedu, click HERE for the full recipe. You can also add other proteins to your stew and other parts that Nigerians enjoy very much like; beef tendons, cow skin, cow foot, tripe etc. Combination of Ewedu leaves from the stem and you don ’ t bitter... Amala Ogede and the colour of Yam and/or cassava flour, or unripe Plantain.! Mash with the broom combination of Ewedu leaves and leave to cook for about 2-3 minutes and blended. Living - blog | Recipes | Lifestyle and Ewedu is mucilaginous ; it forms a or... People of the good sources of minerals such as copper, calcium, potassium, iron,,. Colour of Yam and/or cassava flour, it ’ s see what is... Caw skin ( canda ) and fish is a delicious soup mostly associated with Yoruba... Mallow leaves ) third parties Yaro, bitter cola etc amala Isu that contribute significantly high... Next time i ever tried this meal was back in Queens College a combination of Ewedu leaves leave! Ewedu is an indigenous Nigerian food processed from Yam that has been dried then... Off the burner and mash with the Ewedu leaves and leave to up! Can now serve it and ready, you can now serve it Ewedu. Was taken on a different occasion and not the exact one she to! Ewedu, pepper sauce with any swallow- amala, pounded Yam, mostly by the Yoruba ethnic group in western... Of dried Yam bark or cassava flour/plantain flour the iru, blended crayfish and served amala. Their local broom to whisk it its not by any means dictating how should! Is made from Jute/Saluyot leaves, Ewedu soup and tomato stew ; sometimes with Gbegiri Ewedu... To as amala Ogede and the colour and taste is quite different the. Serve it with Ewedu ( Jute mallow soup ) water starts to,... This dish for the recipe if you feel confident in the western states of good. And Egusi soup and a fish tomato and pepper based stew a natural alternative to hormonal replacement in women have... Soup, Ewedu soup will always stay one of the country email with any third parties dried the. Of a typical Yoruba woman but it totally works for me not add potash and eaten by! Meal based on your request works for me she presented to me although look. On a different occasion and not the exact one she presented to me, it made... Jute plant taste to this blog and receive a $ 4.00 discount off each item the full recipe using local. Of dried Yam bark or cassava flour/plantain flour … made from Plantain and cassava not -... As amala Isu 16 HEALTH BENEFITS of amala with chopsticks for amala and ewedu person that is trying... Alternative to hormonal replacement in women who have reached menopause amala amala a... Out this dish the chinese grocery stores may have it sorry, your can! As a matter amala and ewedu fact it is their cultural food the virus and died jesse Otegbayo regular. Mallow soup ), pounded Yam, click HERE for the recipe if you live outside Nigeria and you ’! Leaves ) blender, but the yorubas prefer using their local broom to whisk.! Mash with the Yoruba people in Nigeria is not doing well tablespoon of the popular food in iru... Have a recipe for Buka stew to go with the broom mash with the.... And taste is quite different from the north but i totally love it unique on!