Just pop on over to r/IAmA at 7PM UK Time on Tuesday the 31st of May and we’ll be answering anything that comes in. IAMA college admission counselor, mod r/ApplyingToCollege, and host a podcast where I interview college admissions experts. Plus I always found these helpful when I was going through the admissions process. Once I was interviewing someone and he let it slip about a paper that I published. AMA! Small things that I like: responding promptly to my emails, being flexible on dates/times, using proper english on emails, relaxed attitude, sense of humor, firm handshake, use of proper titles (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc), asking for my business card, having a short resume/list of accomplishments (without grades/SAT scores on it), polite thank-you letter/email afterwards affirming interest. So on the 1-30 scale, the alumni interview counts for less than a half point. Each of these categories receives a 1-5 rating (5 being highest). I’m (virtually!) I will begin answering questions at 630 pm EDT July 16, 2020. We know you might have a lot of questions for us, and we’re excited to answer them. The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) is a resource for patients, prospective students and healthcare providers interested in learning more about genetic counseling and will be on hand to answer your questions during this Ask Me Anything (AMA). Thanks again for spending your evening with us. Is the applicant evaluation system on Soloman Admissions true? AMA! This Tuesday, the Learn Liberty Reddit AMA Series continues with Michael C. Munger, Professor of Political Science at Duke University. Close. Did one of these at the beginning of last semester and people seemed to like it. Edit 12/11/19, 7 PM EST: Hi everyone! Would these be enough or should I focus on volunteer hours a lot more next year? AMA, I'm Kevin Martin, Former Undergraduate Admissions Counselor for UT-Austin and A2C's First Moderator. I work behind the scenes in admissions, AMA! As with most big universities, the percentage of alumni who are active in the association varies. This AMA can be accessed on the Reddit … He is best known as the co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website I'm Mark Hill, Senior Director of Admissions at Duke Law School, and excited to chat with y'all today. Just be able to speak intelligently, respond back promptly (with proper grammar), and have decent social skills. Thanks a ton everyone! The one I'm in (central NJ) has 4-5 events per year. Many colleges have rating systems that work for them, but keep in mind most colleges that use the Common or Coalition application are looking at essentially the same information. (And yes we read every application. I help international students get admitted to American colleges & universities. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm an AO at a highly selective, T20 liberal arts college. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. How do you view common apps that are not very personal and more of a "tell" than a "show"? IAMA Former Undergraduate Admissions Counselor for UT-Austin, A2C Moderator, and author of “Your Ticket to the Forty Acres: The Unofficial Guide for UT Undergraduate Admissions.” AMA! Alexis Kerry Ohanian (born April 24, 1983) is an American internet entrepreneur and investor. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Duke admissions rates each applicant on 6 dimensions: curriculum, academic achievement, letters of recommendation, extracurriculars/personal, essay, standardized testing. AMA, I'm Kevin Martin, Former Undergraduate Admissions Counselor for UT-Austin and A2C's First Moderator. AMA. AMA with Duke Admissions - 12/11 at 7 PM! Really informative and helpful. So take this into account. (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST), I Am Kevin Martin, Former UT-Austin Admissions Counselor, Author of Your Ticket to the Forty Acres, and A2C's First Moderator. AMA! There’s a huge difference between name-dropping to seem Duke-specific versus actually writing your essay about a professor you admire. AMA! For example, if an applicant is submitting a digital app design portfolio and they submit a video or code documentation, how long is it evaluated for, is it evaluated by professionals in the field, can it make or break an application, and can it be harmful and how? (60-point grading (trinity) and 100-point grading (pratt) ), https://www.solomonadmissions.com/duke-university-admissions. I'm an AO at a highly selective, T20 liberal arts college. My name is Ilana Weisman, and I’m a Senior Admissions Officer at Duke University. It’s also true that if we admit an international student with financial need we are committed to meeting that student’s full need. We prefer to use the same process for all applicants, and while the description they use for Trinity is not entirely inaccurate it's not exactly right either. AMA! AMA. Comment. AMA, I Am Kevin Martin, Former UT-Austin Admissions Counselor, Author of Your Ticket to the Forty Acres, and A2C's First Moderator. The “Why Duke?” essay should help us picture you at Duke, and it’s on you to help us do that. It's a free site where members of the Duke network can share jobs, advice, events, ideas and more. KP: Every applicant is considered in the context of their schools, their homes, and their circumstances. Her partner Duke is into it, and you’re all gross. Fellow alumni interviewer here. But keep in mind that even if you get a 5 on an interview, a majority of whether you get in or not is based upon other factors (see Chronicle article). I currently help moderate this subreddit and assist students with their applications while traveling the world. What makes you interesting is when you spend time and energy on something (or things) that matters to you. AMA: WVU & UH are here to answer your questions about the admissions process. AMA! I don't really have a question but just wanted to say that reading about others' experiences at Duke always fascinates me, and it's so rare that people are willing to admit the faults of the school like you do. AMA. That said, it’s rare for an essay to be weak enough to hold back a student who is compelling in every other area, but a great essay can be the tipping factor for a student who is otherwise on the bubble. My question is, what do you think are some of the coolest student-run organizations created at Duke? AMA! My favorite “Why Duke?” responses capture what campus feels like - the energy and spirit of the student body - and are personal. AMA about maximizing your time at home! I work behind the scenes in admissions, AMA! AMA! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Are there any particular questions you're sure to ask or sure not to? “Naked and Afraid” contestant Amal’s got an interesting fishing technique: Pee in the water and bag up some of the little urine-lovers. The AMA event was arranged as a way to throw light on the important work carried out by the group and to encourage people to consider a career in threat research and detection. AMA! AMA. Oh yes. And the mythical creature section is dominated by the five-time national champion Duke Blue Devils—so any team playing Mike Krzyzewski’s squad should prepare for a fight. We will accept artistic supplements through Slideroom that our arts faculty evaluate, and we’ll also accept one additional letter of recommendation. 2 PM EST, I'm an Admissions Counselor at a Top University in the US - AMA, AMA - Admissions Officer from Marymount California University (Los Angeles). AMA. I have Mayo Clinic Volunteer, 15+ habitat for humanity, triathlon cleanup and hoping to do more junior summer (currently sophomore). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, DJ blogged how/where we read applications if you're curious about the material conditions under which they are considered, Interesting quote from the VP of undergrad enrollment at Notre Dame on why they don't take certain high-achieving students. I waited for 45 mins then emailed her. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96227290/Proof-1.jpg, http://www.dukechronicle.com/articles/2010/03/29/application-increase-overwhelms-review-system#.VWSEDvldUj4. Your ECs only count for 5 points. Clinical and research experts from the Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) have joined forces to solve the most challenging medical mysteries. AMA! Former Duke guard Grayson Allen does an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit on June 7, 2018, before the NBA draft later this month.